Formed at a meeting convened by the Dandenong Social Cricket Association and held on 18th February 1931.
Visitors from the Victorian Baseball Association included:

Mr. Hindson, President of V.B.A.
Mr. Newbound, Treasurer.
Mr. McLean, Secretary of the Umpires Association.
Mr. Jack Ellis,
Captain of South Melbourne Baseball Club
and a member of the V.B.A. Executive.

After hearing them,
D.N. Ewart moved and H.R. Edwards seconded, That a Baseball
Association be formed.

This was carried and the following Executive was elected:

President: Norman A. Taylor
Secretary: Harry Shepley
Executive Committee: D.N. Ewart
H.R. Edwards
E. Norris
S. Hendrie
Harold George
J. Archer

It was decided that a meeting of the Executive should be held the following Wednesday for the formation of clubs.

From the records of the Dandenong District Historical Society – issue of the Dandenong Journal, 26th February 1931.



John Crichton
Michael Stephens  – added 2013
Alan Bredin *
John O’Brien *

Life Members:

John Crichton
Mark O’Brien
Neil Jones
Michael Stephens
Julie Stephens
Michelle Winther
Mark Gooding
Mark Cummings
Micheal Wearne
Ron Blaskett
Samuel Jamison
Ormond Joffre Metcher Bem *
Alan Bredin *
H. Cox *
L. Olssen *
R. Luxford *
H. Shepley *
S. Wagland *
John O’Brien *
* (deceased)